Rebecca Chavez-Houck
Bringing 30+ years of public and community service to work on societal change.

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Encouraging organizations to engage in authentic inclusion, Rebecca often asks the hard question: “Whose voice is missing from this effort?”

Rebecca has more than 30 years of public speaking experience. From teaching graduate-level college courses, to bringing balance in a panel discussion, to giving a keynote address - Rebecca holds an audience with her knowledge, passion, and humor. Her interest areas include: women’s political and community leadership development, voter engagement and elections reform, and public health. She also enjoys talking about the many bills, laws, appropriations requests, and policy initiatives on which she has worked. Contact her to find out how she can be a part of your next event.

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Rebecca serves as adjunct faculty for the University of Utah’s Master of Public Administration program where she has taught courses on ethics and volunteer engagement. She is frequently invited to speak to classes at higher education and public school institutions throughout the state. Topics include civics, legislative advocacy, women’s leadership development, and board governance.



Providing a diverse perspective (in a variety of ways: as a Latina elected official, political minority, and as a woman in male-led spaces), Rebecca offers a much needed alternative point of view on a variety of subjects. She often asks: “Whose voice is missing?” If your group or initiative is looking for ways to approach difficult discussions surrounding authentic inclusion of marginalized populations, consider inviting Rebecca to join in.

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Sharing her story as a Latina growing up in Utah, experience as a nonprofit executive and governance volunteer, and state legislator, Rebecca uses her journey to help her audience consider how they can affect positive change in our society. Her story resonates particularly with young people of color and emerging women leaders as they navigate systemic barriers. However, audiences of all backgrounds will benefit from her message of collegial solutions strategy.