Rebecca Chavez-Houck
Bringing 30+ years of public and community service to work on societal change.





The passions which drive Rebecca in her advocacy and public policy work.


Rebecca leverages her 30-plus years of experience in community affairs, elected office, and public policy to implement positive change, primarily on the following issues:

  • Training and inspiring women and girls to pursue leadership opportunities in their community (i.e. positions on boards and commissions), as well as to run for public office.

  • Advocating and working toward systemic elections reform (i.e. implementation of Ranked Choice Voting and support of the Fair Representation Act).

  • Assuring that marginalized voices are integrated into mainstream organizational efforts by cultivating authentic inclusion of people of color, women, LTBQIA+, and political minorities in mainstream progressive groups and causes (i.e., public lands access and protection, patient-centered care, community planning, and the performing arts).

  • Supporting the full scope of patient-centered care (i.e., affording terminally ill patients the option to utilize medical aid-in-dying) and working toward improvements in population health by enhancing the social determinants of health.